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No Cartridge printing with HP Neverstop laser printers

HP has introduced us to the future of printing for your business with its cartridge-free range of Neverstop Laser printers.



Innovative printing built for the future

HP has introduced us to the future of printing for your business with its cartridge-free and hassle-free range of Neverstop Laser printers.

We all know the hassle and frustration of running out toner and having to go and either replace or buy more. This is both disruptive and frustrating and is bound to decrease productivity but you no longer have to worry about that with the HP Neverstop Laser printers.

Effortless cost-effective printing

Thanks to the HP Neverstop series you can now print up to 5,000 pages out of the box and up to another 2,500 pages with every reload kit you buy.

Not only can you print thousands of pages with every reload but you are able to restore toner levels to maximum in just 15 seconds thanks to a ground-breaking syringe like reloading system. Simply place the reload kit into the designated place on the printer, inject the toner and you’re done! It’s that simple.

HP estimates that this can save up to 60% of your toner costs – surely making this the way of the future by making printing more efficient and affordable in the long run.

This is sure to to help make your printer pay for itself and becomes a hassle-free investment rather than another daily frustrater. Increase productivity and decrease frustration – everyone wins.

Convenient mobile printing

The HP Neverstop Laser printer range is also packed with lots of features such as mobile printing.

True to being a hassle-free printer you can access your printers full potential from anywhere in the office with a single tap on your phone. Just download the HP Smart app and be able to print from anywhere while you access your documents from different apps like your Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

You also minimise the amount of cables your printer needs as it utilises a WiFi  connection to connect to your network – less cables – less hassle.

If you are not using mboile printing yet it is time for you to introduce your business to mobile printing with the HP Neverstop Laser.

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