10 Reasons To Advertise With Money101

Reach: Whether you need to reach a large percentage of the population with your message or target a niche audience, online advertising has an environment and a product that’s right for you.

Brand Building: Every advertiser knows that the internet is a great source for direct response advertising and for potentially gaining extensive brand exposure.

Relevance: The web allows you to customise your advertising more effectively than any other advertising medium, enabling your brand/s to reach its desired audience.

Creativity: Online advertising offers you the advertiser a limitless creative canvas.

Engagement: With the internet being an interactive portal, it has the potential to offer both audio and visual media and advertising opportunities. As it is a ‘real-time’ communication channel, which has the ability to deliver your message  instantaneously. When aiming to engage with your clients on a deeper level, setting up call-to-action points on the internet or within your website are simple and easy-to-use methods of attracting potential clients.

Social: Part of online success, is due to sociability which has unilaterally changed the way audiences behave on day 2 day basis.

Accountability: The internet provides more user-friendly brand measurement tools compared to those used in traditional media. It also provides you with an overall analysis of your website, including detailed information about consumer behaviour, your campaign results and your return on investment.

Interactivity: The internet is both a push and pull medium and allows advertisers to directly respond and interact with their customers.

Real Time: Unlike any other advertising medium, the internet allows you see results as they happen and adjust your advertising activity in real time.

Mobile: Every year, mobile technology gets better, faster and more innovative. The gurus predict more and more consumers will be using their smart phones to browse the internet.

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